About Us

All children are special!

The vision of 4children.ca is to provide a service for those children with “needs” a little more special than others.
4children.ca hosts training workshops for those raising or working with children and youth experiencing challenging behaviours.
4children.ca’s mission is the belief a child’s measure of success be their perception, not the perception of others and to provide a comprehensive resource supporting children with “special” challenges.


4children.ca provides consultation services in relation to children exhibiting behavioural challenges. These services include consultation and collaboration with the child’s family/caregivers, daycare centre, school staff, and other professionals or agencies involved with or in support of that child.

Who are we ?

CC Duncan is a Behaviour Management Consultant who has been supporting families for more than 30 years.

CC resigned from her position with the Powell River School District #47 to focus on private practice and the goals and visions of 4children.ca.

The vision of 4children.ca was to bring support to as many children and youth experiencing behavioural challenges and doing this through “HELP” and Workshops for parents, caregivers and other professionals raising or working with them. CC wanted more. She wanted to be able to bring the experts to her community. By doing this it would bring down the cost in time, travel and the accommodation required to go and see these experts who were predominately working in the major cities. So she brought them to Powell River, the community in which she lived – one expert at a time. It resulted in members of other small communities travelling to Powell River as well.

She continued these goals hosting world renown presenters and keynote speakers and offered training workshops first in British Columbia and eventually across Canada. By offering these workshops 4children.ca gives others opportunities to expand and learn from the expertise and knowledge of these speakers.

Specialties: Behaviour Management Consultant working with children, their families and those involved with them. Organizer and facilitator of workshops and presentations.

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