Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

September 23, 2021

Raun K. Kaufman


“Child First Autism Approaches:
Respectful Strategies for Relationship-Building, Conflict-Free Learning,
Socialization and Crisis Turnaround”

“VANCOUVER, British Columbia”
Virtual – Pacific Daylight Time (PDT)

9am – 5pm

Join us for an all-day workshop packed with innovative paradigm-shifting techniques and approaches for creating socialization and communication breakthroughs with children and adults on the autism spectrum.


Everyone raising or working with a child, youth or adult with any diagnosis of being under the Autism Spectrum. 


Raun K. Kaufman’s energetic, humorous, guaranteed-you-won’t-be-bored style will whisk you through this highly-interactive seminar designed for parents, family members, therapists, and educators.

In the first class, Raun will unveil the root cause of crises and extreme behaviors…and the real solutions. In the next class, Raun will take you on a deep dive into the unrecognized issues at the heart of autism and how to unravel them by entering your loved one’s world first. And, in the third class, Raun will set you up with take-away techniques to enable children and adults on the spectrum to cross the bridge to our world, learn, and grow – in a way that works with them rather than against them.

By the end of the workshop, you will learn:
— The deeper causes of crises, meltdowns, hitting, yelling, and other challenging behaviors – and how misdiagnosis of the problem prevents us from solving it
— The truth about autism – what it really is, and how it is profoundly misunderstood (which means that our kids are, too)
— How to detect your loved one’s stress signals…so you can circumvent flare-ups before they happen
— The 5 turnaround tools that can quiet any crisis by addressing the cause instead of the symptoms
— How to see the difference between a behavioral issue and a social-relational issue
— How to use “autism X-ray vision glasses” to discern your loved one’s brain state
— How to approach your child or adult in a way that matches their brain state
— The key to “speaking their language” so that you can create a trusted and bonded relationship with someone on the spectrum, even if they don’t seem interested
— The most respectful and effective approach to “stimming”
— How to use your child or adult’s powerful interests as a gateway to accelerated learning…instead of seeing those interests as an obstacle to learning
— What the main tenets of Son-Rise Program® are
— The Son-Rise Program® Developmental Model’s Four Fundamentals of Socialization
— The implications for those on the spectrum of Raun K. Kaufman’s remarkable journey through autism


Raun K. Kaufman is the author of  Autism Breakthrough: The Groundbreaking Method That Has Helped Families All Over the World and the former CEO of the Autism Treatment Center of America.  In addition to his work with families and educators over the past 23 years, Raun brings a distinctive qualification to the realm of autism treatment: his own personal history.

As a child, Raun was diagnosed with severe autism and recommended for lifelong institutionalization. Instead, his parents developed The Son-Rise Program, which enabled their son to emerge from his autism with no trace of his former diagnosis. His story was recounted in the best-selling book, Son-Rise: The Miracle Continues, and the award-winning NBC-TV movie, Son-Rise: A Miracle of Love.  

An international lecturer and graduate of the Ivy League’s Brown University with a degree in Biomedical Ethics, Raun has conducted lectures, seminars, and workshops throughout the U.S., Europe, and Asia. His articles have been published in The Autism File and Good Autism Practice and in books such as Silver Linings and Cutting-Edge Therapies for Autism.  He has been interviewed by the National Public Radio, BBC Television, Fox News Channel, The London Telegraph and People Magazine.

Autism Treatment Center of America, home of The Son-Rise Program, at  www.AutismTreatment.org.

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“I was so thrilled as a mom of a 13-year-old autistic boy to hear Raun K. Kaufman speak. He is so empowering and clear about how parents can reach and affect change in their kids. So much of what parents hear is negative and it’s a breath of fresh air to hear hope! Thank you 4children.ca!”

–Jayme Dafoe, parent, host of homeschool autism life, THREE HILLS, ALBERTA, CANADA

“This was an

exceptionally beneficial

lecture. Highly

recommend it for all

educators and/or


–Meriel lindley
owner & manager of
montessori preschool, helen’s bay, uk

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