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All children are special!

4children.ca’s mission is to provide a service for those children with “needs” a little more special than others.
4children.ca’s belief is a child’s measure of success be their perception, not the perception of others.


“What a magnificent and special organization 4children.ca is!  Dedicated, hardworking, caring, competent, and truly devoted to the genuine well-being of children with autism and other challenges…They were an absolute pleasure to deal with, and we will definitely be working together again.”

Raun K. Kaufman
Speaker & Author of Autism Breakthrough

“I had the privilege and pleasure to be a guest speaker for CC Duncan as part of her 4children.ca program in Powell River …. From the beginning of our communications a year prior and through my keynote presentation and all-day symposium, CC was both professional and wonderfully hospitable …. I look forward to the next opportunity to work with her and her community.”

Donnie Kanter Winokur
Author & Speaker on Development Disabilities & Service Dogs

“I was honoured to attend the gatherings hosted by 4children.ca in Powell River and Vancouver …. CC and her team were exemplary hosts and organizers for these two events which featured Jane Elliott, my Mom.  I hope that the conversations continue and change gains momentum in bringing an end to bigotry and hatred amongst us.  The time has come!  Good on 4children.ca for starting the conversation!”

Daughter of Keynote speaker & Anti-Racism Activist and Educator, Jane Elliot

“After suggesting an alternative to a one-day workshop CC ran with the concept of having multi-day sessions to reach different community members in their areas of interest, expertise and family orientation.  I was impressed with the amount of work CC (and Raymond) put into providing this opportunity to their community and especially continuing to bring additional resources and awareness of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD) and how we might improve the lives of those living with this invisible disability by doing things differently.  It takes courage and guts – thanks CC for providing both.”

David Boulding
Keynote Speaker & Family Law & Criminal Court Lawyer

“I’ve had the privilege of being able to speak hundreds of different times at hundreds of different events and I would put CC at the top, not only in event organization but execution as well. CC really cares about the speakers and the guests at her event.  CC and her husband Raymond always deliver on quality, content and care” and about his event in Powell River “Thank you CC …. you were a great host and they were great audiences.”

Jeff Noble
Speaker, Coach, Consultant & Entrepreneur

“CC provides expert services to children with behavioural difficulties.  She also brings to-notch speakers in the field to the Upper Sunshine Coast providing excellent professional development.”

Dr. Jay Yule
Superintendent of Schools - School District 47

“Wonderful group (Kelowna).  Wonderful organization.  Wonderful mission.  CC is a national treasure …” ~ For CC:  My trip to Powell River was the highlight of all my travel in 2014.  Such a stunning location, and such inspiring educators.  Keep it up, guys!”

Dr Stuart Shanker
Keynote speaker & Author of "Calm, Alert & Learning", "Self-Reg", & "Help Your Child Deal with Stress & Thrive"

“Working with CC and her organization means a warm welcome, a highly motivated audience, and an efficiently organized event.  Always a privilege and a pleasure” and of his visit to Powell River after a full day presentation plus an evening presentation to the Tla’Amin Nations on the Topic of Trauma, Addictions and Healing: “Look forward to working with you again….”

Dr. Gabor Maté
Keynote speaker & Author of "Hold on to your kids", "Scattered Minds", "When the Body Says No" & "In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts"

“Since arriving back in Australia it has been a whirlwind…I thoroughly enjoyed to the training with Dr. Greene.  The whole event was so well organized. The catering was the best ever. The accommodation was lovely.  I learnt a lot and consolidated prior knowledge. It was a valuable and beneficial experience…(of CC) It was lovely to meet you. You are always welcoming and friendly.”

Elizabeth Maher
Attendee & Senior Education Consultant: Student Services: The Association of Independent Schools of NSW, Australia

“Just finished a 3-day training with CC in Kelowna.  First, what a wonderful group we had there. Second, everything went seamlessly (including our live demonstration. CC is always a pleasure to work with.  Best of all, she’s a great person who really cares about doing right by kids and their caregivers.” ~”CC’s events are well-organized, and the venues she chooses are comfortable…but she’s also a very human, compassionate person and the speakers she selects embody that”

Dr. Ross Greene
Keynote Speaker & Author of "The Explosive Child", "Lost at School" and "Raising Human Beings"

“I used Plan B during our Christmas holidays, and what a difference! We were able to proactively discuss the situations that normally would send one of my children into a tailspin of meltdowns and this year was by far our most successful and happy holiday! Shifting to the belief of ‘kids do well if they can’ has changed the way I see all the relationships in my life, far beyond parenting. I can only imagine how fulfilling it must be to be able to plan and organize opportunities like this for parents, knowing how significantly it can impact their families.”

Chelsea B.
Attendee of Dr. Ross Greene Event November 2020

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