Resourceful Links

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Barbara Laird
Education for Parents & Educators on supporting Students with Diverse Needs
Cris Rowan
Impact of Technology on Children
Donnie Winokur
Service Dogs for Children with FASD
Dr. Gabor Maté
ADHD, Drug & Alcohol Addictions, & more
Jeff Noble
Awareness, tips and Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) insight
Karen Copeland
Mental Health: Challenges for Families & Children
Kellie Haines
Entertainer Celebrating the Child's Special Talents Instead of their Special Needs
Resource for Families with Children who have Disabilities
& Developmental Challenges
David Boulding
Family Law & Criminal Court Lawyer - FASD
and the Law
Dr. Ross Greene
Collaborative & Proactive Solutions
Dr. Stuart Shanker
Self-Regulation see The MEHRIT Centre